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The Buzz Around Beetles Nails Sale

Beetle Nails is a big hit in the beauty world! They have many top-notch nail products for pros and people who love doing their nails at home. Their sales are super exciting because you can get your favorite items at great prices, but hurry, these deals are for a limited time only! If you love nail art, you can find great deals on tools and accessories that make fancy designs easy. By watching for these sales, you can get the best nail products without spending too much. But remember, the amazing discounts are only available briefly, so don't miss out!

Beetles Nails Gel Nail Tips Short Oval-500pcs

This set has 500 clear, soft gel nail tips already shaped for easy use. They're great for DIY nail art and work well with gel polish and acrylic press-on nails. You can get a professional look without much work. These tips can be easily removed, and they're now 30% off, so it's a great time to add them to your nail supplies!

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Beetles Nails Almond Gel Nail Extension Set 5in1

The Beetles Gel Nail Kit comes with almond-shaped nail tips ready to use. You can easily extend your nails at home with nail glue and a UV lamp included in the set. It's perfect for DIY nail art, and it's on sale for 17% off right now!

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Beetles Nails Gel Nail Kit Nail MediumTips-500Pcs

The Beetles Gel Nail Kit comes with 500 medium coffin-shaped false nails that are clear and easy to apply with gel polish or acrylic. They're great for doing nail extensions at home and soaking off when you're ready for a new look. Right now, they're 30% off, so it's a super good deal to get nails that look like they're done at a salon without leaving home!

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Beetles Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set-20 Colors

The Beetles Pink Nude Gel Nail Polish Set offers a diverse range of 20 stunning colors, including summer neutrals, jelly pinks, sheer glitters, and whites. This comprehensive soak-off UV gel kit comes with base gel, a glossy top coat, and a matte top coat, providing everything needed for versatile and creative DIY manicures. Perfect for both personal use and as a thoughtful gift, this set allows for salon-quality results at home. With a 33% discount, this gel nail polish kit is an excellent value for anyone looking to expand their nail polish collection with various beautiful and trendy shades.

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Beetles 20pcs Gel Polish Nail Art

The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Art Polish Gel Liner is a versatile set featuring pastel, white, black, red, glitter, and neon gel polishes. It includes a built-in thin brush for precise designs, perfect for creating swirls, and detailed nail art. This soak-off UV gel is ideal for adding a touch of gold to your nails and makes a wonderful gift for women, especially moms. Available now at an impressive 40% discount, it's a great addition to any nail art collection.

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Beetles Milky Way Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set-6Pcs

Featuring shades of black, purple, and blue among others, this set enables users to create stunning nail art with its special effects. Utilizing a cat eyes magnet, it adds a dimensional depth to the polish, while its color-changing properties provide a dynamic shift in hue under different conditions. The sparkling phantom chameleon effect further enhances its appeal, promising a shimmering finish akin to a cosmic chameleon. Compatible with UV or LED lamps for curing and boasting a soak-off formula for easy removal, this set is both versatile and user-friendly. Currently offered at a 46% discount, it presents an attractive option for enthusiasts and gift-givers

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Beetles Gel Polish White Chrome Nail Powder

This holographic pigment is ideal for those seeking to achieve intricate and dazzling nail designs. By applying this powder, users can achieve a reflective, chrome-like finish that adds depth and brilliance to their manicures. Currently discounted by 50%, this product not only promises high-quality results but also represents a great value for those looking to enhance their nail art repertoire affordably. Ideal for both personal use and as a thoughtful gift, the "Beetles Gel Polish White Chrome Nail Powder" combines versatility with a significant discount, making it a compelling choice for nail art enthusiasts.

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Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set 20 Colors Modern Muse Collection

The Beetles Gel Polish Nail Set Modern Muse Collection offers 20 stunning colors, including a mix of nude, gray, pink, and blue shades, along with beautiful glitter options. This comprehensive manicure starter kit is perfect for women who love to experiment with their nail art. It includes three essential coats: a base coat, a matte top coat, and a glossy top coat, allowing you to customize your finish for any occasion. The gel polish is long-lasting, easy to apply, and requires curing under UV or LED lights for a durable, salon-quality look. Plus, with an impressive 45% off deal, it's an unbeatable offer for anyone looking to elevate their nail game with high-quality, trendy colors.

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Beetles Summer Gel Polish 15ml Barely Pink

The Beetles Gel Polish in Barely Pink offers a soft and elegant shade perfect for spring and summer nail designs. This soak-off gel polish is compatible with both UV and LED lamps, ensuring versatility for salon-quality results at home. With a generous 15ml size (0.5oz), it provides ample product for multiple applications. Currently, this product is available with a 23% discount, making it an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their nail care routine or gift it to nail enthusiasts seeking quality and savings.

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Beetles 23Pcs Gel Nail Polish Set Summer Bright Colors

The Beetles 23Pcs Gel Nail Polish Set is a comprehensive collection featuring vibrant summer colors including blue, pink, purple, orange, and green, along with glitter options for creative nail art designs. This kit includes the essential base and top coats for a complete manicure solution compatible with both UV and LED nail lamps. Ideal for trendy summer nail looks, this set offers versatility for salon-quality results at home. Currently, it's available at an attractive 40% discount, providing excellent value for those looking to expand their nail polish collection or indulge in creative nail art without breaking the bank.

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To get the best deals on Beetles Nails, try using the prime cart trick! Here’s how it works: Put the items you want in your cart before the sale starts. It’s like reserving your favorites so you don’t miss out when the discounts hit. Remember to set a budget too, so you can stay on track with your spending. The sales are big but short, so plan smart to get what you need without spending too much. Click the link above to check out these amazing deals—you won’t want to miss them!


What is Beetles Nails?

Beetles Nails is a popular brand known for its wide range of nail products, including nail polishes, gel polishes, nail art tools, and accessories.

Does Beetles Nails offer discounts or sales?

Yes, Beetles Nails often offers discounts and sales on their products, especially during holidays and special promotional events.

Where can I buy Beetles Nails products?

Beetles Nails products are available for purchase on their official website, as well as on major online retail platforms. Click the link above to check for huge savings on Beetles products.